Simulation Cloud Suite

Simulation lifecycle management in the cloud

Altair’s Simulation Cloud Suite allows organizations to easily execute and manage the entire simulation lifecycle of projects in the cloud through an intuitive, secure web based portal. Rapidly deployed, Simulation Cloud Suite is a seamless cloud solution to connect with PDM systems, access HPC resources and manage all CAE activities. Collaboration tools and powerful analytics in Simulation Cloud Suite provide a clear status of the model variations, simulation history and KPI status allowing complete traceability of the project from inception to completion across geographically dispersed engineering teams and enterprise stakeholders.

Solution Highlights:
  • Integrated platform of applications, HPC tools and licensing for infinite exploration
  • Non-disruptive to users or current simulation workflows
  • Access data, software and computational resources from anywhere
  • Seamless data and process capture with incumbent CAD, PDM and CAE tools
  • Traceability and lineage for nominal and variational simulations
  • Easily manage and visualize Big “Simulation” Data
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards / metrics speed decision-making

Ideal for organizations to:
  • Improve enterprise collaboration and access to scalable CAE resources
  • Offset IT costs associated with simulation software licensing, hardware and support
  • Manage CAE data as part of standard enterprise workflows
  • Use simulation performance metrics to make rapid, informed program decisions

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