Altair HPC Summit 2021

Altair HPC Summit 2021

At this year's Altair HPC Summit, experts managing and leveraging some of the world's leading HPC systems shared how they're accounting for all-new dimensions like hybrid and cloud resources, GPUs, software and I/O performance, and how their teams are tapping new trends in machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize for both time and cost to solution. Below is the collection of presentations from the Altair HPC Summit 2021 virtual event.


Convergence and the Data Driven Enterprise
James Scapa | Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Altair

Altair Founder, Chairman, and CEO James Scapa addresses how HPC has evolved over the past 30+ years, and how Altair has been putting the pieces in place to drive the future of multi-dimensional HPC. The presentation outlines Altair’s vision for the convergence of HPC, artificial intelligence, and simulation.

Artificial Intelligence Taking to the Cloud
Clay Magouyrk | Executive Vice President for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle

This presentation outlines Oracle’s vision for the future of artificial intelligence, including how AI and automation will drive the next wave of business transformation, the proliferation of technologies focused on understanding human language, intent, and context, like natural language processing (NLP), and how they are reshaping our interactions and businesses, as well as the critical role of high-performing, low-latency infrastructure in driving successful AI initiatives.

Redefine What's Possible with HPC
Trish Damkroger | Vice President and General Manager, HPC, Data Platforms Group, Intel

We are seeing a mass increase in data, coming at us from all directions. Whether you are running AI-enhanced HPC applications on-premises or HPC workloads in the cloud, you need platforms and solutions that will offer the performance, scalability, and flexibility to redefine what’s possible with HPC.

Featured Presentations

Industry Briefing: Altair HPC Summit Exclusive
Alex Norton | Principal Technology Analyst and Data Analysis Manager, Hyperion Research

HPC at Safran Seats
Daniel Boast | VP Stress Methods, Safran Seats

Scalability Study of Large Ditching Model Using Altair Radioss Mono- and Multi-domain Techniques
Jointly presented by Jean-Michele Terrier, Altair; Amarendra Joshi, Oracle; Rafael Bini Leite, NIAR

Job Scheduling on NCAR’s Next-generation Supercomputer
Irfan Elahi, Brian Vanderwende, and John Blaas | National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)

Using I/O Profiling to Migrate and Right-size EDA Workloads in Microsoft Azure
Michael Requa | Program Manager, Microsoft

On and Off the Track, Every Second Counts: The Critical Role of HPC Optimization
Laurence Sawbridge-Praties | HPC Engineer, Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team

Cloud Panel Discussion

AI Takes to the Clouds

Joint panel discussion with cloud experts Dr. Bill Magro, Google; Nidhi Chappell, Microsoft; Dr. Vikram Saletor, Intel; Shankar Trivedi, NVIDIA; Karan Batta, Oracle

Gartner predicts that AI will become more operationalized by 2024. As companies find more ways to deploy AI, the resource requirement for training data-heavy models will yield increased demand for HPC infrastructure in the cloud. In this panel we speak with chip industry leaders and cloud service providers to get their take on the impact and trends they are seeing from companies who are taking an AI-first approach and how it’s driving the move to the cloud.

Life Sciences Breakout Session

HPC for Life Sciences

Jointly presented by Satish Murthy, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies, Johnson & Johnson; Robert Lalonde, Seqera Labs; and William Bryce and Dr. Rosemary Francis, Altair

How do life sciences organizations ensure scientists and researchers have access to the critical problem-solving-power they need? In this session, HPC industry experts will address the unique time, budget, and uptime requirements faced by life sciences organizations and the tools they use to optimize the HPC environments that make real-world discovery possible.

Ask the Experts Panel Discussion

Compute Challenges in Semiconductor Design

Ask The Experts Panel: Semiconductor Design Optimization

Panelists Stuart Taylor, Brian Janes, and Rosemary Francis of Altair discuss how organizations leading the highly competitive semiconductor design space ensure their compute infrastructure is tuned to optimize the high-intensity workloads that are producing faster, smaller, and more innovative chip designs.