Define What is Possible with the Power of IoT

Altair provides the knowledge and the technology needed to implement your IoT strategy from ideation to optimization

IoT Benefits

Smart Product Development

Optimize design to improve product performance and end-user experience

Asset Management

Conduct advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance

Operational Insight

Reduce operating cost and extend product life

Building the Blocks of IoT


Explore, experiment, create and refine solutions from ideations to validation

  • Research & Design Strategy
  • Business Strategy & Trend Predictions
  • UX Design
  • Industrial Design


Monitor and track every step of processes

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Packaging, Logistics & Supply Chain Optimization
  • Equipment & Production Flow Monitoring


Gain more control over devices and improve customer care

  • Enhance Security
  • Performance Analytics & Improve Efficiency
  • Manage & Decide with Analytics
  • Serviceability


Be proactive while optimizing performance, security and availability

  • Digital Twin
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Diagnostic & Prognostic
  • Work-flow Optimization
  • Customer Experience

Smart Applications

Customer Testimonials

Pace Controls

Pace Controls

Tom Mills, President

“We relied heavily on Altair’s features to deliver a defect-free, high-quality product on time, within budget.”

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Raúl Gil García, Business Development Manager

“Altair was the perfect partner to launch Energy Smart Generation."

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Rafael Gil, CIO

“We selected Altair because in just 3 months we were able to deploy a complete solution.”

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Digital Twin

Altair’s Digital Twin is the convergence of engineering simulation, Machine Learning, and in-service data from smart, connected products through an end-to-end IoT infrastructure. It allows exploration of design, operation decisions and drives performance optimization.

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Why Choose Altair?



In over 30 years, Altair has developed a deep know-how for enterprise solutions through software development and services across industries.



Solution designed to scale from ideation to optimization, has flexible licensing, and is supported by a growing global partner ecosystem.

Open Architecture

Open Architecture

Architected as an open platform that can adapt and complement your existing technology ecosystem.

Our Complementary Offerings

Industrial Design

Research, problem solving and human-centered solutions

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Simulation-driven Design

Technologies to design and optimize high performance, efficient and innovative products

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HPC and Cloud Computing

Access, optimize and control HPC and cloud resources

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Internet of Things and Analytics

Enable, connect, and manage devices and optimize business performance

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