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From Know How to Know Why! - Digital Twin Design Process opening new horizons for Investment Casting

Development based on experience often means that you know what happens, but you don‘t know why! The use of Digital Twins in development helps convert empirical knowledge into physical. This creates a valid basis for optimization and caters the need for rising performance, lightweight or cost requirements.
Watch the webinar recording "From Know How to Know Why!" - Digital Twin Design Process opening new horizons for Investment Casting presented jointly with Feinguss Blank, one of the leading investment casting foundries in Europe and the EICF.
In this webinar recording you will learn how Feinguss Blank applies smart cast processes to address development challenges. The presentation will:

  • demonstrate the application of simulation-driven design and additive manufacturing to drive next generation lightweight designs through an investment casting process.
  • show an integrated workflow on simulation-driven-design and manufacturability, to obtain lightweight parts in a single environment.
  • feature how to apply this digital twin platform for investment casting, sand-casting and within additive manufacturing or hybrid manufacturing processes.


HW BestPractice Webinare: Customizable Model Checker

HW BestPractice Webinare


NovaFlow&Solid Tip: Dual Mesh Funtion

The advantage of using dual-mesh is that the detail can be filled with a slightly smaller mesh solution and then solidify with a higher solution, to ensure as high accuracy as possible using minimum time. Learn how to apply it with this document.

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HW BestPractice Webinare: Inspire und Evolve_ Engineering Prozess mit PolyNurbs

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CONVERSE + OptiStruct Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to apply mapping abilities in CONVERSE to a finite element model in OptiStruct using the fiber orientation generated by an injection analysis Moldflow (.pat and .ele files).

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‪solidThinking Inspire ‬Tipps & T‬ricks: Optimierungsrichtlinien

Tony Gray informiert über einige einfache Richtlinien zum Aufsetzen einer Optimierung, darunter die Verwendung von zu nutzenden und nicht nutzbaren Bauräumen.

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