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solidThinking Inspire: Self Paced Training

The purpose of this self paced course is to introduce running optimizations with the Inspire environment.


HW BestPractice Webinare: Customizable Model Checker

HW BestPractice Webinare


HW BestPractice Webinare: Inspire und Evolve_ Engineering Prozess mit PolyNurbs

Presentations, Webinars

Recent Advances – Vibration Fatigue for Aerospace Systems

This webinar will present the latest advances that have been included in the CAEfatigue VIBRATION product for the analysis and design of aerospace systems.


Learn about KEY to Metals Premium

Key to Metals presents its Premium Edition which gives the entire wealth of KEY to METALS and Extended Range plus some exciting new additions. Brand new functionality allows the user to now import advanced property data from the KEY to METALS database into the CAE software of choice through a number of bespoke, solver compatible formats.


Model analysis of cricket bat

Webinar hosted by TechPassion focusing on the modal analysis of a cricket bat.


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