Model-based Development

In this age of the Internet of Things, Big Data, analytics and mechatronics it is the multi-disciplinary intersections of mechanical, electrical, and control systems that provide the product and experience opportunities the marketplace is striving for. Altair’s next generation math & system modeling solutions can be applied right from concept studies, control design, multi-domain system performance optimization to controller implementation & testing.

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Model-based Development
Mechanical System Design

Design, analyze and optimize the performance and behavior of multi-disciplinary, smart systems with Altair’s model-based development software suite. This solution uniquely combines math with signal-based, physical and 3D modeling to offer a complete toolset that spans analog and digital circuit design through electro-mechanical system development.

  • Mechanical System Design
  • E&E System Design
  • Control System Design
  • System Simulation
  • Controller Implementation & Testing
Math Modeling & Numerical Analysis

A numerical computing environment for science and engineering

Leveraging a high level, matrix-based numerical computing language, Altair Compose is a math modeling technology that includes an interactive and unified programming environment for researchers and engineers to rapidly develop, debug and perform complex numerical computations to analyze and visualize data of all types.

The Altair Compose math engine - Open Matrix Language (OML) is not only compatible with GNU Octave but also provides a dual programming environment with Python and bridges between OML and Python. This allows for rapid algorithm development incorporating advanced math (OML) and advanced programming logic.

  • Matrix-based Interpreted Language
  • Programming Environment
  • Extensive Math Libraries
  • Rich 2D/3D Plotting
Matrix-based Interpreted Language
Analog & Digital Circuit Design

Altair provides a comprehensive solution for simulating C-code behavior for various chips and includes a very high-performance SPICE (Simulation Program with IC Emphasis) circuit simulator. Our MODELiis technology is used in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), system modeling, electromagnetics and sensor modeling of IoT devices.

Transistor Transistor
Gate Gate
Physical Level Physical Level
System Level System Level
Hybrid System Development
Altair Activate signal-based & physical component modeling technology

An intuitive block diagram environment for hybrid, multi-disciplinary systems development

Product creators, system simulation and control engineers can quickly model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems early in the design process with Altair Activate signal-based & physical component modeling technology.

With extensive discrete, time-continuous signal-based block libraries, robust solvers, native support for various Modelica physical component block libraries along with Functional Mock-up Interface for model exchange and co-simulation, Altair Activate delivers a modern user experience for developing hybrid systems with the unique ability to mix signal-based and physical components in the same diagram.

  • Block Diagram Environment
  • Modelica (Physical component) Modeling
  • Signal-based Modeling
  • Functional Mock-up Interface

“… Co-simulation between Multi-body and Controls in Altair Activate is very helpful to study complex models in an easy & fast way.”

Nicolò Indovina, Team Leader Vehicle Dynamics & Integration Specialist Ankers Read More
Embedded Control System Development

Visual development environment for embedded systems

Altair’s Embed technology provides a complete toolchain for the development of embedded control systems covering Software-in-the-Loop, Processor-in-the-Loop as well as Hardware-in-the-Loop simulations.

With automatic C-code generation, Altair Embed streamlines the entire embedded systems development process with ability to interactively change control diagrams, auto generate high efficiency C-code, compile and download it to the target MCU in seconds.

  • Block Library for Embedded Systems
  • Slate Charts
  • Interactive Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation
Block Library for Embedded Systems

“Altair Embed allowed us to model the system and be confident about our design before committing to any hardware. The software guided us in the right path to take and sped up development.”

Kevin Godfrey, Principal Engineer AMETEK Lab
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