EM Simulation for Wireless Systems and Antenna Integration on Motor Vehicles

Presentation by Dr. Ahmadreza Jafari, Radio Reception and Antenna Expert, & Phillippe Boutier, Référent RadioFréquence at Renault.

In this presentation, different examples of Renault RF simulations regarding antenna applications such as keyless entry and ignition, AM/FM/DAB radio, radar and V2X are explored. Simulations for keyless entry and ignition are performed using Altair Feko at 125 kHz and 433 MHz. The aim is to define antenna placements to achieve the required hand-free detection zone and remote-control range. Concerning AM/FM/DAB radio, rear-screen and foil antenna radiation patterns are simulated to optimize fine tuning validations. For the radar antenna, impact of the environment around the antenna is explored by simulation.

This presentation also deals with a simple and complete simulation approach for V2X, in which WinProp propagation scenarios are combined with various antenna solutions.

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