Manufacturing a Profit - Minimizing Costs and Maximizing Yield with a Simulation Approach for Casting Methods Development

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Casted parts need to meet rigorous quality, safety and performance standards, but the traditional approach which relies on the past experience of specialist metallurgists, can results in expensive trial and error practices. Hadleigh Castings wanted to explore the potential of a simulation approach to their methods development to build a more future proof process, less reliant on individual experiences. By adopting Altair Inspire Cast, Hadleigh Castings is now able to experiment with the methods prior to manufacture, identify common casting defects and rectify them ahead of any physical molds being created. Since adopting the technology, the company now has a 100% record of getting their castings right first time, with simulation now a standard part of Hadleigh Castings services, even supplying clients with simulation reports as part of their services. Inspire Cast has enabled the company to minimize raw material wastage, and reduce the cost of its methods development.

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