Panopticon Demo: Monitor Equity Trading Activity in Real Time

This video shows how to use Altair’s real time visual analytics platform to monitor and analyze equity trading activity and performance. Traders and managers can identify potential threats to profitability and act immediately during the trading day rather than waiting for end-of-day reports. This video demonstrates how users can build fully customized dashboards to analyze execution and market data without writing any code, gain continuous insight into their trading and execution performance during order lifetimes, and produce on-demand reports.

Market structure for equities changes constantly changing and is highly complex. In the US, there are 13 exchanges plus over 40 alternative trading systems (ATSs), dark pools, and other venues. Europe offers 24 exchanges and multilateral trading facility (MTFs) and 175 systematic internalisers. Firms engaged in electronic equity trading must manage, process, and visualize data streams from an increasing number of sources in order to remain competitive, and as a result must have trading analytics infrastructures that address several significant challenges, including trading and network latencies, throughput, and complex data structures.

The Altair Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform consumes true real-time and big data sources. It offers stream processing and real-time visualization capabilities that allow traders, quants, sales, risk, and compliance officers to get fast insights into market conditions and trading activity to make smarter, fully-informed decisions.

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