3-matic by Materialise N.V.

Clean Up and Enhance the Surface Quality of Rough Topology Data

3-matic allows you to create complex, 3D printable internal and external lattice structures that add extra strength, provide cushioning, increase porosity, or simply reduce the weight of your design. In addition, you can easily enhance your design with aesthetic or functional textures, perforations, and patterns.

Since you work directly on STL data, your design is ready for finite element analysis (FEA) or can be used for 3D printing. You can clean up rough data for simulation or convert your mesh back to CAD. 3-matic lets you redesign rough surfaces outputted by topology optimization.

Why 3-matic?

Experience Unprecedented Freedom of Design

Fully personalize your products and create models that were impossible to produce with traditional manufacturing methods.

Save Time and Costs with Lattice Structure

Create stunning lattice designs, leading to lower material costs and less printing time. These optimized lattices outperform solid blocks of material.

Master Part Properties

Change aerodynamic, acoustic, and cushioning properties or characteristics, increase grip or control the density of your part with porous structures.

Key Features

Lattice Structures

Optimize designs for additive manufacturing with quality lattice structures to decrease weight or adding with porosity functionality.

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Textures, Patterns, and Perforations

Quickly create high quality textures with added features for fast design iterations. 

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Mesh Operations

It will give you the ultimate design freedom to design organic shapes that mimic nature’s behaviour or customised body centric parts.

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All Imports

You can create STL data from native and non-native CAD data, including IGES, VDA, Vrml, Catia V4, V5 and V6, UG, Pro-E, and STEP files.


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Replace Rough Surfaces

Replace rough surfaces by using splines and surface reconstruction algorithms, making the newly created surface tangent to the existing surface.

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CAD Export

Export to CAD (feature recognition can be applied) or FEA.


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