Panopticon Explainer: Introduction to Panopticon Streaming Analytics

Managing critical IoT, telecommunications, and energy infrastructures requires real-time insight into massive amounts of information. Business analysts and engineers can’t wait for end-of-day reports to make decisions that directly affect their operations. They must be able to see and understand what is happening in real time – as it happens. They must also be able to examine all the events leading up a problem in fantastic detail.

Altair Panopticon provides people working for the world’s largest corporations with the tools they need to build and deploy their own real-time analytics applications. With Panopticon, engineers and analysts can spot emerging trends, clusters, and outliers in seconds. They can also rewind and look at every single step in a series of events with nanosecond accuracy. Panopticon handles data directly from any data source you’re likely to use, including real-time message buses, time series database, CEP engines, SQL databases, and Big Data repositories.

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