Available Modules

Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro: Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro provides the necessary tools for building and maintaining a private collection of property data, CAE Material files, and testing reports for your team, hosted on the Matereality cloud. Key capabilities include:

  • Data Viewer: Material data are accessible via the Properties Library and Property Grid applications. Selecting a property in either launches the Data Viewer for visualizing, analyzing, comparing and working with data of any complexity.
  • CAE Modeler: The CAE Modeler converts raw material data into material models formatted for input to a variety of CAE and finite element analysis (FEA) software products, including Altair Radioss. Material parameter generation capability includes simple elastic, elastic-plastic, rate-dependent, viscoelastic, hyperelastic material models for FEA, plus injection-molding simulation parameters.
  • CAE Materials Library: The CAE Materials Library stores all of the material cards created with the CAE Modeler.
  • Activity Tracker: Monitor who has viewed your data; track changes and modifications made to your data.
  • Collaborate: View data you have shared and data that others have shared with you.
  • Workgroup Manager: Add users to the workgroup; control who can load, edit and publish data; enable/disable users; preselect data privacy preferences for the workgroup and individual users; access and reinstate data owned by retired users; link data with pertinent legal statements.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Material Data Server: Material Data Server provides a single platform for site-wide or enterprise-wide deployment so that users can access the materials data information they need at their desktops, directly over the intranet. This technology permits enterprises to create an online resource that provides selective access to materials information at all levels within the organization: procurement, manufacturing, quality, product engineering, research and development.